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Liquid Krows Hybrid Shoes - Grey/Green

Liquid Krows Hybrid Shoes - Grey/Green

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Immerse yourself in the Liquid Krows Shoes. Engineered with a leather upper for enhanced strength and quick-drying mesh sides, these shoes redefine versatility on both land and sea. The vulcanized and stitched construction guarantees durability.  The draining holes and metal mesh on the sole expedites water drainage and also provides a protective barrier against unwanted elements during use.  Whether you're dominating wakeskating, casting a line while fishing, or navigating white-water kayaking, these shoes stand as your perfect companion. 

Liquid Krows come in Mens sizes; for women, order 1.5 sizes smaller.

Measurements in CM from heel of the foot to longest toes (sole insert):

7 US MEN: 25.5 CM

8 US MEN: 26.3 CM

9 US MEN: 27.2 CM

10 US MEN: 28 CM

11 US MEN: 29 CM

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