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Surfer Basics Flip Flops

Surfer Basics Flip Flops

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Embark on a journey of surf-inspired comfort with our Surfer Basics Flip Flops. Laden with our signature krow design, these flip-flops bring a touch of laid-back style to your every step. Designed with an extra-wide silhouette, they provide a casual fit that adapts to your foot and becomes more personalized with every wear.

Indulge in the maximum comfort offered by built-in arch support and extra thickness. The high-quality EVA soles create a cushioned foundation, making these flip-flops ideal for strolling along the shore or relaxing by the surf.

Sold in Men's sizes, these flip-flops capture the essence of surf culture. For Women's sizes, we recommend selecting one size smaller to ensure the perfect fit. 

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