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Air Bubble Surf Vest

Air Bubble Surf Vest

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The AirBubble is a patented flotation vest designed for surfers, featuring a reusable air reservoir. It includes a mouth valve and tube that connect to the reservoir, providing an additional 2-3 breaths while you're in the water. The AirBubble is equipped with a heavy-duty zipper on the side and an adjustable strap with a buckle, ensuring a secure fit even during intense conditions out in the waves. It offers some buoyancy that still allows for duck diving and impact resistance for your chest, ribs and back. Lightweight with a tapered waist, the vest also allows ample space for sports that require use of a harness.
Whether you surf, white-water kayak, snorkel, or enjoy any other water sport, the AirBubble vest is a must-have!

Size Guide: 

All sizes are regular length (21" from shoulder to waist).

Product Details:
- 2 mm of neoprene with stitched buoyant removable compartments to personalize fit.

- removable polyethylene air bladder with attached hose and mouth-piece with on/off valve.

*Never surf or engage in water activities beyond your level.  The vest is intended as a help but not as live-saving device. See our Disclaimer of Liability and Terms and Conditions.

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